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“If meditation loses track of creativity, it becomes escapist.   One starts renouncing the world—it becomes suicidal.  And if creativity is without meditation then creativity goes insane.  Both are not good alternatives—suicide and insanity…In the West, creativity has taken a route totally different to meditation; in the east, meditation took a route absolutely negating creativity—both have failed.  Now a totally new world, where creativity and meditation meet together and go hand in hand, is possible in the future.  That will be the greatest synthesis between the east and the west, between the active mind and the passive mind, between male and female.  Meditation is passive, creativity is active.  Meditation is female, creativity is male.  They both have to meet.  And when they both meet, something beautiful happens. “

 Osho, Darshan Diaries, Blessed are the Ignorant Ch. #19: This Night let Christ Be Born to You