Osho Meditations

Dynamic Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Nadabrama Meditation 

Nataraj Meditation

The descripitions of the techniques of each meditation are provided by www.osho.com


Why Osho Meditations? 

"There are 112 methods of meditation; they were discovered ten thousand years ago.  I have made a few new methods for the modern man, because those methods were created for a totally different kind of humanity, for very simple people.  The contemporary man is not simple, he is very complex.  Those methods were for people who were not repressed, who were natural.  In these ten thousand years, religions and socities have made everybody repressed...they have driven humanity against its own nature. 

So I have created new methods so you can throw out all repressions...and can become clean, a tabula rasa.  Then those 112 methods, any one of them that appeals to you will be enough to transform your being."

 Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Ch. 26


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